• Tired of unreliable Freelancers?

    Tired of unreliable Freelancers?

    Trying to hire someone thousands of miles away can be a challenge.  We can help!
  • Not sure how you can take advantage of outsourcing?

    Not sure how you can take advantage of outsourcing?

    Hire your own offshore employees with the expert guidance of a company that has over a decade of experience...

Outsourcing at Any Budget

With our varying levels of services, you can choose a solution that fits your budget and meets the fiscal needs of your growing business. As your business (and budget) grows, you can take advantage of higher level services that will allow you to focus on your business and not your employee. Contact Us »

Recruiting Service

This is the core service that spawned the development of FTE Outsourcing. For a small, one-time fee, we will help you recruit and hire your own Filipino employee. We will apply the same recruiting process we use for hiring our very own employees for our Fully Managed Employee service.

We will find applicants, administer hiring exams, perform interviews and then provide you with a short list of recommended applicants based on the results of our recruiting efforts. Learn More »

Office Space Leasing

In the Philippines, a home office does not provide an ideal working environment. There may be many distractions both inside and outside the home that can affect the efficiency of your employee.

To help solve this problem, we offer you two different options so you can provide real office space for your employee. Learn More »

Payroll & Benefits

Most Filipinos who work from home end up missing out on valuable benefits provided through government programs that are normally mandated when they work with a Philippine based employer. These benefits provide retirement pension planning, basic health care assistance and first time home buyers benefits.

By utilizing our Payroll & Benefits services you can help ensure that your employee can still take advantage of these government programs. Learn More »